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Luxury Boat Excursion to Szentendre

Szentendre, a town of mediterranean atmosphere, grips the visitors by way of its culture and art. The calm small-town life has been attracting artists since the beginning of the century. It is also called the town of live fine art due to its colony of artists, its museums and galleries. Its downtown is characteristic, it is a set of unique monuments, preserving the image of the town back to the XVIII. century.

The visitors can gain insight into 14 fine art museums as well as marvellous churches, and they might as well get to know the art of making marzipan. Besides all these, as a way of time travel, we can experience thegastronomicmilieu of the turn of the century.



Booking information

Keep in mind, this is your private tour and you may customize it the way you like. We only give private programs (no shared/semi-private programs).


Please contact us on szaboe@teamvision.hu minimum 7 days prior the program to make sure we have the availability.  We organise our tours only at request and the booking is valid only after our confirmation has been sent.


The tour is conducted during spring/summer/autumn, depending on weather conditions. During the tours there is a possibility to take a short break, have a sandwich, coffee or refreshment, not included in the price of the tour. Casual, comfortable clothing is recommended.

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