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Outdoor Team Buildings

The essence of teambuilding is included in its name. Our company organizes exciting, unusual trainings with the help of allocated iPads and interactive solutions.

The teams hunting for treasures and solving different tasks get into touch with the ordinary people in the street, wander all over the famous points of the city, while cooperating with each other in a creative way.

The programme developed by us specially designed for iPads guarantees that the team members participating in the game do not get bored. The implementation is not problematic even in the case of games organized for 600 people.

Find the time-traveller! A group of archeologists came across a time capsule. The 17th century sender of the message is a time-traveller from the 21st century who hid a puzzle and an iPad in Budapest 400 years ago. To solve the puzzle included in the message it is necessary to solve a series of puzzles with which the iPad will help the team. The task is to find the hiding time-traveller and to prove that the team members are worthy to take the traveller’s footsteps.

Find new friends in Budapest! In the life of a company the most valuable asset is the team which can think „beyond the office” The point of the game lies in the fact that the participants – proving their creative thinking – get as many scores on the appointed stations as possible, by solving puzzles. To do this they must recourse to external help, and the team which finds a common wavelength with the ordinary people of Budapest will win the competition. To fulfill all these things, they need to pull together and build good relationships, and they certainly need an iPad which is provided by us.

The bomb is activated. Are you able to defuse it? The essence of the game is that the team members, getting involved in a spy story, must successfully defuse a hidden bomb, and this way they can rescue Budapest and the whole world. The teams set off with an iPad in the capital centre where they must recognize agents hiding in different bars and in the street to gain as much information as possible, and they must find messages hidden in secret boxes. The aim is to carry out the tasks included in the message of the BOSS, to defuse the bomb and this way to rescue the world.

Get to know the incredible story of Budapest by way of an adventurous trip! Budapest, as you have never seen before! The current city view of Budapest can be connected to a single man in love who wanted to build „a new Vienna” in the heart of Hungary for his young wife. But how did the city look like earlier? Get to know the adventurous story of Budapest in the frame of a common game! Human stories, expressive statues and secretive building facades make the city centre more colourful, reflecting a world which has been over but its memories are still vividly surrounding us. You can be enriched by the end of the game with such information which would make you think first that it has popped out of a Hollywood screenwriter’s head.

The Margaret Island can be found in the heart of the capital, and it is a really astonishing place for all who long for a peaceful alternative to the buzzling city without leaving that. The Margaret Island mission is a complex teambuilding game during which the participants can simultaneously experience the majority of the programmes offered by us, within the framework of a single programme. The Margaret Island mission is a wide-scale, complex programme, the essence of all what can be provided in the spring and summer seansons for the teams needing physical movement and intellectual activity simultaneously.

The game stems from Western-Europe and it has conquered the whole world by now. It needs less thinking, however, it enables such games which require cooperation. Football, battle, competition or anything similar can affect in a humorous way if the participants are surrounded by a huge balloon and the only thing they are able to do is cautious jumping or running. The Bubble battle may end up in a funny game even in that case if the only aim is that a result ending in a draw of the other race-elements must be somehow turned in favour of one or the other party.

There is no doubt that today’s Budapest is a perfect stage for the rise of the street food culture. In the past few years, the Hungarian capital has transformed into an even more loveable city with its endlessly colourful vibes and its cool places, where we can get a wide range of affordable and high quality foods. If you want to fully experience Budapest, you need to taste some of the foods and drinks of artisan producers: you will get to meet the individuals behind the fresh produce, and you get to learn their stories, too.

Mutual experiences gained far from the world of work, near the lake. Our company organizes trainings and group programmes to Lake Balaton as well, and they are mainly based on watersports and the cultural sights of the settlements along the shore of the lake. We can easily integrate wine tastings, watersport activities and various iPad-related puzzles into the whole-day programme. The starting point of the trainings organized by our company around Lake Balaton is Balatonfüred.

The city of Eger is once again at risk. The mayor hires an exceptional group of people to quietly investigate the situation and to eliminate the danger. We split the participants into small groups. Each team receives a starter pack and instructions that will lead them to a certain location. This is all the information that is available to participants as they start the investigation, so they have to constantly look out for clues and collect intel to be able to identify the perpetrator(s) of the crime, and to save the city.

Visit this great city, which has held many writers, scientists and famous travellers in awe throughout history. ’How is it possible that from such sandy soil emerged such a flourishing city?’

Kecskemét provides an excellent location for company teambuilding events, as well as for other types of cultural and interactive group activities. Explore the city and enjoy its great atmosphere! You will learn interesting facts about the city from our tour guides and you will have to solve Kecskemét-related riddles and tasks throughout our iPad game. The programme can be complemented with a visit to the ‘Cifrapalota’, the Zoltán Kodály Conservatory, or other museums, and with pálinka, wine or craft beer tasting.

In 2010, Pécs was selected to be the European Capital of Culture. Visit this exciting city, and explore the ‘melting pot’, where many nations have set foot throughout history.

Pécs provides an excellent location for company teambuilding events, as well as for other types of cultural and interactive group activities. Explore the city and enjoy its great atmosphere! You will learn interesting facts about the city from our tour guides and you will have to solve Pécs-related riddles and tasks throughout our iPad game. During the activity, you will search for the vestige of the Roman city of Sopianae, the Turkish artefacts that survived, and you will visit the breath-taking Zsolnay quarter.

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