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James Bond indoor

Goldeneye, Skyfall, YOU can also become part of a real espionage! Search, investigate and put together the details!

This morning we met an unexpected situation. Her Majesty, the Queen of England's secret service got informed by reliable sources that last night a group of thieves have stolen some diamonds that were kept in the basement of the Hungarian National Bank. The diamonds are part of the reserve fund of Hungary. The Budapest base of the secret service had been informed that while police forces were chasing a group of suspects, one of the thieves hid the diamonds somewhere in this very building. This is why the secret service resolved to use the premises as temporary operating base. This building is where we deal with all communication and receive new intel from the senior agents who are currently working in the field.

We presume that said criminal must have left traces behind, which you need to look for and investigate, and by putting the pieces of information together, the hidden location of the diamonds can be found. Team members must apply the best of their knowledge to obtain the right information and to get to the diamonds before the thieves could raid the premises and retrieve them.

Moreover, we presume that one of our agents has been turning over confidential information to the criminal network. You need to go through all the evidence and examine any newly received information, and you need to identify the traitor and find the diamonds. Let’s get down to investigation!

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2017.08.17. -

We split the participants into teams, and each team receives an iPad. Participants will need to complete the mission assigned to them, with the help of one of our senior agents.

At the start of the program each team receives a starter pack that contains a Mission Letter, useful intel - previously gathered by our secret agents -, and a number of items and gadgets that participants may need to use in order to successfully resolve the matter. During the investigation we constantly receive new pieces of information from our field agents, which participants will need to assess.

Number of participants:                             from 10 to 250

Number of team members:                        from 10 to 15

Suggested time frame:                               from 1 to 1,5 hours

It is, of course, possible to organise a shorter or longer program. The length of the game is dependent on the size of the group, and on the possible optional breaks, such as a pálinka or chocolate tasting, or a coffee break.

Place:  The location is dependent on the size of the group. 

About the programs in general

All programs can be divided by themes and target as well. 

When is suggested?

- executive teambuildings
- corporate teambuildings

- company meetings

- meeting planners

- internship programs

- venues

- holiday parties


- in Budapest and Hungary where you require 
- indoor and outdoor as you prefer

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