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Indoor Team Buildings

When compiling our group programs, we focused on two main aspects – on the one hand, we attempted to organize an exciting and interactive program with the purpose of making the participants get to know the curiosities of Hungarian Culture or Gastronomy, or just having fun. On the other hand, we mount different challenges for them which are entertaining and require creativity as well as teamwork, furthermore, strengthen team spirit.

Everyone knows that it is important to step back and look at the big picture every now and then, especially in the day-to-day business that occurs in any organisation. You might sometimes feel like you are just a cog in the wheel, but that also means that you are an important part of something bigger. Similarly, the BigPicture painting workshop reinforces the importance of cooperation, communication and teamwork. Participants will realise that the success and quality of their work – as well as that of the bigger picture – depends upon their ability to cooperate.


Solve the secrets of the XVII. century with the help of technology from the XXI. century.

Teams are seated in a conference or meeting room. The game, which is coordinated by a game master, starts off with a couple of warmup questions about Hungary, Budapest and the Danube. After this introductory round, we focus on three different subjects, and participants get to learn some truly fascinating things about Hungary by solving riddles and tasks on the iPad and on paper.

Goldeneye, Skyfall, YOU can also become part of a real espionage! Search, investigate and put together the details! This morning we met an unexpected situation. We've got informed by reliable sources that last night a group of thieves have stolen some diamonds that were kept in the basement of the Hungarian National Bank. The diamonds are part of the reserve fund of Hungary. The Budapest base of the secret service had been informed that while police forces were chasing a group of suspects, one of the thieves hid the diamonds somewhere in this very building. Let’s get down to investigation!

The game stems from Western-Europe and it has conquered the whole world by now. It needs less thinking, however, it enables such games which require cooperation. Football, battle, competition or anything similar can affect in a humorous way if the participants are surrounded by a huge balloon and the only thing they are able to do is cautious jumping or running. The Bubble battle may end up in a funny game even in that case if the only aim is that a result ending in a draw of the other race-elements must be somehow turned in favour of one or the other party.

Get to know the incredible story of Budapest by way of an adventurous trip! Budapest, as you have never seen before!

The current city view of Budapest can be connected to a single man in love who wanted to build „a new Vienna” in the heart of Hungary for his young wife. But how did the city look like earlier? Get to know the adventurous story of Budapest in the frame of a common game!


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