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iBudapest indoor

2017.08.17. -

Cooperation and adventure! Discover the secrets of Budapest!

Solve the secrets of the XVII. century with the help of technology from the XXI. century.

Teams are seated in a conference or meeting room. The game, which is coordinated by a game master, starts off with a couple of warmup questions about Hungary, Budapest and the Danube. After this introductory round, we focus on three different subjects, and participants get to learn some truly fascinating things about Hungary by solving riddles and tasks on the iPad and on paper.

A whole range of codes, cryptexes and tasks are waiting to be solved, age-old questions are waiting to be answered, and if you succeed, your reward will be granted!

Let’s get down to iPad and adventure!

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2017.08.17. -

We split participants into teams. Each team has their own table to sit at, and each team receives an iPad. When all is set, the game master sets out to take the participants on an exciting virtual tour through history. Depending on the specific location in question, participants have to solve timed questions on the iPad and on paper, and teams have to collect as many points as possible.

During this imaginary tour participants ‘visit’ 4 or 5 locations, during which they have to complete a range of tasks, and by doing so, they learn many interesting facts about Budapest and the history and culture of the country. Moreover, they will get acquainted with a number of encryption techniques, and they will learn to solve enigmas such as the famous cryptex from the Da Vinci Code, the Caesar’s Cipher, used by Julius Caesar, as well as the cryptogram, the anagram, and so on.

Number of participants:                             from 10 to 250

Number of team members:                        from 10 to 15

Suggested time frame:                               from 1 to 1,5 hours

It is, of course, possible to organise a shorter or longer program. The length of the game is dependent on the size of the group, and on the possible optional breaks, such as a pálinka or chocolate tasting, or a coffee break.

Place:  The location is dependent on the size of the group.

About the programs in general

All programs can be divided by themes and target as well. 

When is suggested?

- executive teambuildings
- corporate teambuildings

- company meetings

- meeting planners

- internship programs

- venues

- holiday parties


- in Budapest and Hungary where you require 
- indoor and outdoor as you prefer

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