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iBudapest Fun

2015.03.02. -

Find new friends in Budapest!

In the life of a company the most valuable asset is the team which can think „beyond the office” The point of the game lies in the fact that the participants – proving their creative thinking – get as many scores on the appointed stations as possible, by solving puzzles.

To do this they must recourse to external help, and the team which finds a common wavelength with the ordinary people of Budapest will win the competition. To fulfill all these things, they need to pull together and build good relationships, and they certainly need an iPad which is provided by us.

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We split the group into smaller teams, each team receives an iPad. The iPad contains some enigmas that takes to the different stations, interesting sights of the city, the participants have to decode the enigmas and find out about the place they have to go to, they have to type in the solution and if the system accepts the answer they have to go to the station.

At the stations our colleagues will tell some cool stories about the place and afterwards the participants will have to solve some tasks, this way collecting points.

The participants have to go through 4-5 stations and solve all the tasks while having to use all their imagination. This program will allow them to use  their creativity and to collect an enourmous number of points!

Number of participants:                             from 6 to 600

Number of team members:                         from 6 to 12

Suggested time frame:                               from 2 to 3,5 hours

Of course it is possible to organise a shorter of longer program, that is affected by the distance of the starting and finishing points, the number of the team members and the possible optional breaks like pálinka, chocolate tasting or coffee break.

Place :  the game takes part in the downtown of Budapest, doesn’t need any specific place.  At the starting and finishing ceremonies we need a separated room, area to keep the briefing and the award winning ceremony. 

“Just a note to say thanks for a fabulous day on Friday. The feedback was ‘perfect’, ‘great’ and ‘the best teambuilding day so far’! Several people commented on the great instruction we got for iBudapest, the ladies were knowledgeable and explained things clearly allowing us to learn not just ‘have a go’.”

Carmen Blanco Gomez, General Electric

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