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2012.07.31. -

Challenge, cooperation and adventure!

Solve the secrets of the XVII. century with the help of technology used in the XXI. century. Discover the mysterious faces of the city, get to know the stories and the secrets of the people once living here. Faces, buildings, statues… They all have a message, you just have to hear them. Nationalities and cultures have mixed, architectural styles have evolved and passed by, all leaving their traces behind. Leave for a joint tour with your mates and search for all the traces!

Let't get down to iPad and adventure!


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We split the participants into teams, each team receives an iPad and code, after opening the iPad they will get a message that they have to decode, this will be the description of a station. With some logic and with the help of a map they have to find the station, type into the iPad, if the system accepts, the team goes to that station.

At each station our colleagues will give them some interesting information about the place and they have to solve some tasks. With the solutions they can collect points and this is the condition to continue the game.

The participants have to go through 4-5 stations, have to solve all the tasks and will learn some amazing things about the places they reach, about the Hungarian history, culture and the people who lived here.

They will learn some funny and interesting coding technics as well like the cryptex known from the Da Vinci Code, or the Caesar shift used by Julius Caesar…etc.

Number of participants:                             from 6 to 600

Number of team members:                         from 6 to 12

Suggested time frame:                               from 2 to 3,5 hours

Of course it is possible to organise a shorter of longer program, that is affected by the distance of the starting and finishing points, the number of the team members and the possible optional breaks like pálinka, chocolate tasting or coffee break.

Place :  the game takes part in the downtown of Budapest, doesn’t need any specific place.  At the starting and finishing ceremonies we need a separated room, area to keep the briefing and the award winning ceremony. 

"iBudapest is not only just a tour, not just a game, not just a teambuilding ... all of it, but something much more, some comlex adventure and experience at the same time."  

J.A. Cheng See, Philippines, ESSCA


"The use of the iPads suggested the company was very modern and aware of current trends. As a group of young adults, we are constantly seeking out new ways to interact with the latest technology and Teamvision offered us a way to combine traditional sightseeing methods (maps) with new age technology. As well, the specific puzzles which we were asked to solve were very interesting. Although many of us had heard of some of the puzzle types because of the popularity of the Da Vinci Code, we had not had a chance to engage with them before. Seeing new types of riddles and puzzles was not only engaging but also made the playing field even, as no team had an advantage in this type of problem solving."

Pierre Marie, France



About the programs in general

All programs can be divided by themes and target as well. 

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- executive teambuildings
- corporate teambuildings

- company meetings

- meeting planners

- internship programs

- venues

- holiday parties


- in Budapest and Hungary where you require 
- indoor and outdoor as you prefer

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