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2018.01.18. -

The game stems from Western-Europe and it has conquered the whole world by now. It needs less thinking, however, it enables such games which require cooperation. Football, battle, competition or anything similar can affect in a humorous way if the participants are surrounded by a huge balloon and the only thing they are able to do is cautious jumping or running.

The Bubble battle may end up in a funny game even in that case if the only aim is that a result ending in a draw of the other race-elements must be somehow turned in favour of one or the other party.

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Get into your balloon and jump into this great game! Imagine that you are a dodgem or an American football player at the same time. This cool game provides another meaning for the football, because the participants will be inside a 1,5 m diameter ball.

Although it is very safe because you are surrounded by the inflatable balloon and if you fall over you fall on the side of the balloon, it is not possible to get hurt. The balloons are made of a durable but light material, it is easy to play in and it is possible to play indoor and outdoor as well.

Once you have tried, you’ll become a fan forever!

Number of participants:                             from 4 to 40

Number of team members:                         from 2 to 5

Suggested time frame:                               from 0,5 hours - 2

Place :  the game takes part indoor or outdoor in Budapest and it is possible out of Budapest as well.  

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