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Family and Friends

We also organise family activities, including birthday parties for both children and grown-ups, bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as custom-made activities. The exact details (schedule, location, etc.) are to be discussed prior to the event.

This activity was made for adventurers who like nature and who enjoy being outside. If you are the type of person who would rather go on an exciting treasure hunt in the woods than to stay indoors, read on!


Do you have what it takes to work together as a team? Are you willing to get active and to take on the challenge? If the answer is yes, then go and put on your favourite comfy clothes, and jump into these fun activities with your friends!

Did you know that in Budapest, there are plenty of animal statues and buildings with animal motifs on them? Did you know that if a building is decorated with a bee symbol, it means that it is – or used to be – used as a bank, or some type of financial institution? 

The game stems from Western-Europe and it has conquered the whole world by now. It needs less thinking, however, it enables such games which require cooperation. Football, battle, competition or anything similar can affect in a humorous way if the participants are surrounded by a huge balloon and the only thing they are able to do is cautious jumping or running.

The Bubble battle may end up in a funny game even in that case if the only aim is that a result ending in a draw of the other race-elements must be somehow turned in favour of one or the other party.

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