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Design Workshop

THE WORLD OF REAL PERFUME -„eau de la Reine de Hongrie”, that is, the water of the Hungarian Queen – meaning that the oldest perfume of the world is Hungarian. The rosemary extract, being less fashionable today, cannot really called a modern perfume, however, this is the one firstly recognized. This is what students are taught in Versailles, at the ISIPCA perfumer training, the worldwide famous French school of the luxury cosmetics, where the only perfumer of Hungary studied. In this school she has graduated from the perfumer mastercourse of Fragrance Academy as the only Hungarian among the 12 students coming from all over the world since decades.

Presently he prepares his own perfume creations to international orders. He provides high-end service of making luxury perfumes by creating personally tailored perfumes at individual request, so-called "haute couture" perfumes suiting especially to the clien’s skin, as well as memorable perfumes for special occasions, such as weddings, or exlusive perfumes for corporations.

„A real perfume in competent hands is a dangerous weapon.” – says the Hungarian NOSE, we will meet in its showroom in Budapest where we are granted the opportunity to get to know the best fragrances and its own creations during the course of the program. Besides this, another part of the program is a one hour long individually tailored perfume consultation int he frame of which the participants can choose from the fragrances presently available on the market. At the end of the program the participants are given the perfume choosen mutually*


THE WORKSHOP – PREPARE CHOCOLATE! – In the course of this lesson the participants can gain insight into the basics of how to prepare filled chocolate bonbons. They can learn what tempering means, how the chocolate becomes shiny and crispy, and everybody can get to know the technique of marble-tempering. Each participant is given the opportunity to form the shape - used by professional chocolate masters - from molten and tempered chocolate, which proves to be a special experience. We prepare two kinds of cream base for the subtle and stylish masterpieces: one is a brandy-mellowed marzipan cream, while the other one is a creamy, honey-added milk cholocate cream. With the help of our chocolate master we fill the forms shaped with these creams. We cover the desserts with tempered chocolate, which is called TALPALÁS, then, following the cooling process we hit the pralines out of the shape. The task remaining is only to taste the fresh-made crispy bonbon.

The program lasts three hours. The price of the training includes the gift-wrapping of the chocolates made, the ample tasting from the pralines prepared during the lesson, the recipes, salt cakes and coolers, furthermore, every necessary ingredient, the usage of apron as well as that of our kitchen tools and appliances.


THE SHOE MANUFACTURE – The Shoe Manufacture was founded by Vitus Juhos in 1910. The founder has already died, but the handcraft technology established by him and passing from father to son has been maintained up to now, preserving the traditions invented by the ancestors. Presently, the fourth generation of this family prepares the shoes. The family has always put great empasis on both the quality and the usage of the best materials, therefore the shoes prepared by them are not only fashionable, but – due to the usage of natural leather and special shapes – they provide the utmost feeling of comfort. Their shoes are given leather uppers, lining and soles, with the application of traditional handcraft technology. All of our shoes are formed by well-skilled masters from simple leather pieces to exclusive footwear which reflects the personality and the style of the person wearing them.

Due to the continuous developments, and to the delight of our customers, we have been widening our shoe range with exclusive modells following the latest fashion. Our products are small-scale (10-12 pairs). Certainly they prepare footwear at individual request as well, they can even make the customer’s shoes from the fabric of the customer’s clothing.



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