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James Bond

The diamonds were stolen. Are you able to find it?

This morning we met an unexpected situation. Her Majesty, the Queen of England's secret service got informed by reliable sources that last night a group of thieves have stolen some diamonds that were kept in the basement of the Hungarian National Bank. The diamonds are part of the reserve fund of Hungary.

One of the problems proves to be the fact that the location of the base is kept secret, and following the disappearance of two agents, the others do not reveal their identity. They have left traces and clues behind to be searched for and investigated, and by putting the pieces of information together, the hidden location, as well as the diamonds, can be found.


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The team members must apply the best of their knowledge at each scene to obtain the right information, which sometimes means looking for a time capsule in an iPad, deciphering a Morse- coded ciphertext, opening a secret bin having no lock, looking for a hidden message in an article, making a silent hostage speak, finding an undercover agent in a pub or in the street, and at the end, with the whole range of information available solving the deactivation code and making the bomb harmless by defusing it in order to solving the situation a finding the diamonds.

Get acquainted with your team, find the bulk of information provided to you, and let’s get down to investigation….

Number of participants:                             from 6 to 600

Number of team members:                         from 6 to 12

Suggested time frame:                               from 2 to 3,5 hours

Of course it is possible to organise a shorter of longer program, that is affected by the distance of the starting and finishing points, the number of the team members and the possible optional breaks like pálinka, chocolate tasting or coffee break.

Place :  the game takes part in the downtown of Budapest, doesn’t need any specific place.  At the starting and finishing ceremonies we need a separated room, area to keep the briefing and the award winning ceremony.

„Following the 007 agent it was a great challenge! We were already after a long but successful workshop with a brand new leader team and started our next adventure in city, in parking garage, confectionary, presidential suit of a luxury hotel – and looking all around for the solutions. And we found it, and our colleagues they are still talking of it. Thank you for the TeamVision team’s great work!”

Kovács Titusz, Syngenta

About the programs in general

All programs can be divided by themes and target as well. 

When is suggested?

- executive teambuildings
- corporate teambuildings

- company meetings

- meeting planners

- internship programs

- venues

- holiday parties


- in Budapest and Hungary where you require 
- indoor and outdoor as you prefer

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