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Balaton Adventure

Mutual experiences gained far from the world of work, near the lake. Our company organizes trainings and group programmes to Lake Balaton as well, and they are mainly based on watersports and the cultural sights of the settlements along the shore of the lake.

Lake Balaton and its surrounding offer a wide range of opportunities which can be taken use of when organizing a corporate team building or any other interactive team programme. We can easily integrate wine tastings, watersport activities and various iPad-related puzzles into the whole-day programme. The starting point of the trainings organized by our company around Lake Balaton is Balatonfüred.


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The program of the Balaton Adventure is a 100% tailor-made program. We always discuss the needs of the customer in advance and check the possiblities of both the cultural and sport-related elements, and afterwards we will compile the most suitable program.

Due to the colourful possibilities of Lake Balaton we can build in seasonal programs, use the historical, gastronomical elements of art exhibitions, build in the visit of the villas in Balatonfüred.

We can organize a completely sport-focused program as well based on watersports, combined with bicycle travelling between the stations or climbing on the trees in an adventure park.

Of course it would be shameful not to taste some great Hungarian wines! 

Number of participants:                             depends on the chosen program elements

Number of team members:                         from 6 to 12

Suggested time frame:                               from 2 to 3,5 hours

Of course it is possible to organise a shorter of longer program, that is affected by the distance of the starting and finishing points, the number of the team members and the possible optional breaks like wine, chocolate tasting or coffee break.

Place :  near Lake Balaton, depends on the chosen place

Important! If the group plans to spend more days near the location, we suggest to book the accomodation prior ordering our program

About the programs in general

All programs can be divided by themes and target as well. 

When is suggested?

- executive teambuildings
- corporate teambuildings

- company meetings

- meeting planners

- internship programs

- venues

- holiday parties


- around Lake Balaton where you require 
- outdoor as you prefer

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